The Witches Tale

From WattPad author Adrianna Griffith is a fiction story titled The Witches Tale:


Kamila, confused about the world, is separated from her mother around the age of seven years old. A vampire is in need of her blood because she is so called, a witch hybrid. Her mother is taken, and Kamila herself is put into an orphanage. She leaves the orphanage at age seventeen on the lookout for her mother. Kamila finds a school along the way, “The School For The Supernatural.” She needs to attend to make the power she is in possession of stronger. After two wolves who almost slaughtered her there, she leaves but a vampire is stalking her, wanting her blood. A mysterious vampire named Sebastian saves her life. What she doesn’t know is who she calls “friend” is leading Kamila back to his father, the “vampire king.” Sebastian is starting to grow feelings for this woman, during their travels. Vampires can’t have emotions! Will Sebastian do what he is told? Or, can he fight off his maker, in saving Kamila?

This teen fiction tale is available on wattpad for free reads and has been read by hundreds of readers already, still climbing up the ranks.