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I’ve written my very first press release and am nervous as ever about sending it out to the world. Being an author, my life is all about taking the risk and just diving head first into the ocean from the nearest cloud or years will be spent trying to make everything perfect. That point in itself is where new authors like myself go wrong, waiting years to achieve perfection. Don’t get me wrong, this is the best thing anyone can do for a novel that they plan to release but my patience has its limits; a terrible quality to have but my series Menta-Life is an original work that I’m sure hasn’t been produced anywhere, which is why I’d rather not wait on it. Am I off topic or what? Here’s my current press release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                       11/11/16 Las Vegas, Nevada


The Menta-Life Corporation stands as saviors to the new world by using their Life system to rebuild after nuclear war. The Life system allows citizens to go into a dream state by being placed in a barbiturate induced coma, allowing them three days to live a ninety year life. Upon completing the three day cycle, or coming to an untimely death and waking sooner, whatever information retained is kept as their own. Man wants to become an astronaut? It’s as simple as living a Life and their dreams can become a reality, if pursued. In the year 2086, a brain-drained populace has formed beneath Gharis City and one revolutionary group is certain of Menta-Life’s hand in the matter. Vanessa Pheros, a greedy smuggler with great skill, is brought into the conspiracy around Menta-Life’s potential involvement. Has the corporation turned against the people by stealing the memories of soon-to-be prodigies?

Menta-Life is an original work with a unique set of colorful characters that create an equally unique dynamic, expressing diverse lifestyles. Introducing Menta-Life and Van is the basis for this first tale of the seven book series. This series is something rare that I know has never been introduced in this sort of aspect; one that produces major plot twists, twisted characters, and an amazing adventure that will keep readers ready for more at every page turned. My inspiration for Menta-Life formed around the issue of many fictitious characters living in my mind. The many stories I was working on, and not yet put down on paper, were clashing, living their own mental life in my head. Keeping track of so many lives at once became a task and the apparent scandal of the Menta-Life Corporation.

This specific series aims at the young adult market but I’ve gotten back reviews and feedback from mostly adults who’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first novel. Writing scripts was where I began but scripts don’t always require feeling, which is what I wanted to capture from my audience. I’m a big movie buff and I have the goal of one day seeing a book or series of mine on the big screen. I wrote my first screenplay in 2011, titled “The Chaotic Ones,” a revenge story of two brothers trying to bring down a city’s criminal underworld. Wanting a hard copy of my screenplay wasn’t interesting enough to me with just a stack of papers lying about so I printed it as a hardcover book. This print led to another screenplay originally titled “The Accountant,” now titled “The Balance Sheet.” After finishing this screenplay, I craved more interest in detail and the idea for books was introduced.

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