The Importance Of Marketing

If I’ve learned nothing along my author journey, there is one thing that a book cannot function without and that is marketing. Unless you’re already a famed author or published through a very reputable publishing company, your book is simply a stack of marked paper on a shelf. When I first started out, I had a belief; as soon as I published, my books would just sell themselves. Words can explain how wrong I was. I published the first edition of Menta-Life book and my other book The Balance Sheet at the same time then continued my writing. I checked day in and day out with no sales, not even friends and family bought either of them with the exclusion of one person who will remain nameless. My books had absolutely no sells and I realized that telling my friends on Facebook and depending on a website’s “new release” system wasn’t going to cut it so I advertised. I sent my book everywhere it can possibly go and did everything on many different websites that I had never even heard of. Pretty soon, my sales went up and drastically. By the end of the next month, I had over 1,000 copies sold. Marketing is everything, no matter what or where you do it. Finding new sites to post your work is no easy task but I dug as deep as I could go to generate revenue.