Menta-Life Update

Menta-Life Desertion

First off, thanks to those who have purchased “Menta-Life” on all platforms from Amazon to Kobo to Barnes and Noble. I hope you have enjoyed and are ready to be revealed the upcoming sequel release “Menta-Life: Desertion” in May. The new book cover is finished and my artist is currently working on the next, as we speak. I’m heavily into book 5 and will be starting book 6 upon completion, as well as diving further into the editing for the third installment “Menta-Life: Defiance,” which I’m hoping will be completed in July. I’m having fun! Are you? Here’s a sweet deal for your support… screenshot, email receipt, any proof of purchase, will receive a free copy of the upcoming sequel before release! I will also be posting the new book cover and description on the “Menta-Life: Desertion” tab on my website under the series. For my next blog post, I will be going over what’s needed for the complete self-publishing package. Stay tuned and stay awesome!