Publishing Package (Part 1)

When I first started out as an author, I dove into the idea that I would just publish a book online then market the crap out of it and it’ll be A-Okay. Needless to say, I was only a quarter right. There are ways to publish easily, but there a lot of scenarios that people don’t pay attention to.

1st: As much as companies such as createspace like to hand these out, (don’t get me wrong, they’re much appreciated) you’re going to need an ISBN. For those who don’t know, an ISBN is basically your book’s I.D. card, giving minor historic detail that some aren’t aware of. I called myself a self-published author, when I went through createspace to get my books onto Amazon. I was given an ISBN number and provided a nifty little barcode to make things official. What I discovered a lot of users didn’t know was that the original purchaser of the ISBN is the “credited” party. You may be a self-published author, but with a createspace ISBN, looking up the number shows that your publisher is none other than (drum roll please) createspace. Is this a bad thing? In my opinion, not in the slightest. In order to obtain an ISBN with your name as the publisher, you MUST buy directly from Bowker. If anyone knows of any cheaper alternative to owning your own blank ISBN, I’m sure others would appreciate details in the comments. I purchased packages directly from Bowker to cut out any unwanted financial loss.

4 quarters equals a dollar. 2 to go.