Self-Publishing Package (Part 2)

Another thing on any author’s agenda should be “barcodes” for scanned pricing. Naturally, these little lined thingies don’t deal with eBooks, however any physical needs one of these and I will tell you the obvious: To price your book. If there’s no barcode on the back of your published work, people will just assume it’s free and walk out of bookstores with it, like they did with mine for about 2 years. Important fact about these bad boys, once the price-point is set on one, there’s no going back. If you check out any barcode, prices vary, depending on the country where it’s sold. In anything you do, make sure you think long-term, instead of wishing you could change it, costing you more money to buy a whole new barcode because you set the price too high or low.

75 (however you do the “cent” sign)