Self-Publishing Package (Part 3)

There is one more amazing tip for the power of successfully self-publishing a title and that is “outside sources.” I do not doubt for a second that people can accomplish marketing their books alone, saving every penny. Anyone can, putting ALL of the time and effort into it. My biggest issue with marketing myself is the time it takes to do it and keeping up with current events, which I’m particularly horrible at doing. With my “Menta-Life” series, I hired different teams of marketers from different sources all over twitter mostly. Anyone that has over 100K followers, that’s willing to accept payment for a shout out. Because what is marketing, if no one else is marketing too. Mr. Google never approached me and said “Go check out my search engine, please.” I choose to pay marketers, because time for me means more money to be made doing other things like filming, acting, writing, investing, or any of my other hobbies. Lastly stating: “Expand your network to people with expanded networks.”

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