Nice to meet you! By trade Avery Nunez is an author who takes on the occasional acting or model job. He is from Los Angeles, California and currently resides in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Avery started writing books at age 22 and finished 6 by the time he was 25. Publishing his work brought a level of nervousness that he couldn’t resist without an undoubted level of perfection. Now here he is, author, sharing his ideas with the world.

Avery started working in film and modeling in 2014. Writing has been his main focus but he enjoys shooting for different agencies and taking random pictures of his own, mostly scenic views of different cities he’s worked in. He has worked on television shows such as Monopoly Millionaires’ Club and the Penn and Teller Show, also movies, most recently Jason Bourne starring Matt Damon.

Avery is also an addict of video games. Video games is the main source of what opened up his imagination to writing books and looking at his life, also the life of his fiction characters, like a series of quests. He’s also taken his fair share of outdoor activities like rock climbing (indoor mostly), cliff-diving, jetskiing, jiu-jitsu, parkour, and other junk.

Last but not least, Avery is a family man above all else. His family and friends mean the world to him. He wouldn’t be where he is today without the people who supported him from near and afar. He has a beautiful daughter who has been his inspiration through all of his writing so that he can pave a future for her to have her mother and himself in her life all the time. The day she was born, he quit his day job and took his writing much more seriously because he wanted to watch her grow from birth to adulthood, spending as much time with his girls as humanly possible.

Well, that’s about all there is to know about Avery. Any further questions? Join him on social media and feel free to ask away about himself, book writing, or whatever else you can think of. And thanks again for visiting averynunez.com