ISBN Purchases

Any authors out there have an opinion on whether purchasing ISBNs is a waste of money for self-publishing authors? I've self-published a soft cover edition of "Menta-Life" using a createspace ISBN for FREE, technically making them the actual publishers; I've also published a hard cover edition with an ISBN that I've purchased from Bowker. Both … Continue reading ISBN Purchases

The 5th Day

The first week of the new year is ending and I'm not the same person I was yesterday. I've started taking control back from myself and am slowly kicking unhealthy (yet not dangerous) addictions. I see things differently and smile much more than the average person, which I hear is a good sign, yet also … Continue reading The 5th Day

Unisex Book?!

I've been working on a project and have been doing some research. I'm in desperate need of YOUR help in my search for a unisex book, a book in which you're able to read from the perspective of a male/female main character. Any information or leads would be great and anyone interested in reading one … Continue reading Unisex Book?!