(This version isn’t finalized. All writings are from its origin and unedited.)




Menta-Life was born in the year 2072. It is a corporation that lets people live lives through their dreams as a way to mentally extend the human lifespan, rebuilding what the human race has destroyed. In order for the system to work for the human brain, the placement of a “microdot” onto the analytical portion is required; it is a device about the size of a hair follicle. From the start, surgical placement of the microdot costs five thousand aers.

The microdot is placed to serve as a connection to the internet, then the connection of the internet established directly to the brain. After the operation is complete, the microdot slowly gets sucked down into the brain by each pulse, taking two days to reach the analytic center. With the microdot in place and connection to the outside world through the internet, the brain is slowed into thinking that it’s living normally during the Life; this allows the user control of themselves in their sleep while others in the Life around them live as regular beings. After the microdot is in place, the company settles the client into a secure location and in a comfortable, quiet environment.

The client must be placed into a medically induced coma. Three days is the amount of real time it takes to live ninety years in a Life from birth to death. Keeping a person under and providing nutrients for them while in the coma costs fifteen thousand aers per visit. After that, the dreaming begins; the Life begins. The mental world is fully based around the internet data that streams and is shared worldwide. When people are in their mental Life, they have full access to everything the world has to offer that has been placed online, regardless of whether they choose to access it or not.

If a traffic accident occurs in real life close to a client, the client will experience the backed up traffic when the information hits the internet. If close enough, they will witness the accident. The occurrence and all of the data surrounding it will be implemented into the Life as a Rapid Major Event. Sub-events from the past are also in place to keep the mind flowing with old and new information to spread over the ninety-year mental Life. Anything online can be reached and learned, making anything that anyone would want to know, possible.

If a citizen chooses to make their online social media profile open for the world to see, then a client can access it unintentionally. They can possibly meet the online person and get to know one another as enemies or fall in love as friends. Learned information is also stored online; a client can learn to become an astronaut in one day’s real time if they dedicate their first thirty dream years to the hard work that is required of that position. In turn, a criminal can also become a crime lord within the three days.

No one in the Life is real, nonetheless the information, reactions, etc. are as real as can be. If the client pushes someone in their Life, that someone will push back based on their online personality. On that note, the internet comes in handy; being ignorant to something does not save a person in their mental Life. If a person were to commit a crime, law enforcement response times are set in place by distance and calculated times to chase, then apprehend the culprit to the best of their ability.

Rich people with sick fetishes, like torturers, love the Life system. They go through their mental Life and harm as many people as possible before they get cornered then go down with a fight. Once the client dies, they awaken and their time in the system is over. The connection has to stay linked for three straight days unless the client dies during their Life, but that is the only way a person can be woken up or unknown side effects may occur. A person’s body can only withstand the system for the full three days, not a minute longer.

If multiple visits are made before a two-day rest period, the body will begin to shut down its sense perceptions. The first stage will be losing the ability to walk, but of course relearning isn’t impossible. Experimentation on the following stages was never pursued due to safety concerns for both the test subjects and clients. There are two rules about the Life system: a client can never dream of an age younger than they currently are and harming a company worker outside of a Life system means permanent termination from company grounds. During the Life, the company is sworn, by written statement, to leave the client in privacy. The language is on the contract signed before the first trial.

The company skyrocketed through word of mouth and went even higher when they took over the media, which they pretty much rebuilt, along with the world itself. It is the most popular company, having become a corporation almost immediately after launching with the offer of a free Life trial for the initial visit. Afterwards, people kept going back. The regrown population took to Menta-Life as a symbol of hope and crowned them their unlicensed king with branches existing in every remaining city.

The Life system is government-approved and well-funded. Since people can do as they please in their mental Life, the crime rate has taken a drastic drop and the only criminals left are the ones who feel they are forced to steal in order to afford another Life. The corporation has done well for themselves and has rapidly increased technological efforts due to people who learned and created new inventions in their Life. The most brilliant minds have entered the system and shared their knowledge. They have helped the world rebuild it in a collective effort. Menta-Life changed the new world for everyone…